Chief Meadows Fights Against Biden’s Viral Criticism

White House principal of personnel Mark Meadows took issue Monday with Democrat governmental candidate Joe Biden’s case that the Trump administration has quit on trying to manage the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden had seized on Meadows’ Sunday discuss CNN in which Meadows claimed “we’re not mosting likely to manage the pandemic.” Asked why, Meadows said it’s “since it is a contagious virus just like the flu.”

Those comments had actually created criticism as well as at least one information heading stating: “White House surrenders on trying to regulate infection spread.”

On Monday, Meadows tried to do some clean-up. He states, “The only individual swing a white flag together with his white mask is Joe Biden.”

Meadows says Trump won’t surrender till all Americans are secure as well as the virus is beat. He claims, “We are mosting likely to beat the infection. We are not mosting likely to regulate it. We will attempt to have it as best we can.”

Meadows spoke with reporters at the White House on Monday prior to the Republican head of state trips to campaign events in the important battleground state of Pennsylvania.

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